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Go Net-Zero with Passive Housing

Saving money, time and carbon, Smarter Materials Group offers the building blocks to a sustainable future.

Why Build Passively?

Less waste using sustainable materials which are crushed back into the Earth!

Net-zero passive, houses use much less energy on heating the home.

Properties built with our technology valued up to 30% higher on resale value.

Demonstration Day Video

How Building Smarter Can Work For You!

Passive, Dry-Stack Technology

SYSTEM 3E is a worldwide patented technology. It is based on the 3E Elements – building materials of characteristic shape. The Elements are made of perlite, a natural origin volcanic glass of excellent properties for construction purposes. There is no need for any glue, binder, or extra insulation. The building process is fast, easy, and does not require a skilled workforce. And you can do it in any weather conditions!

No More Unsustainable Building Methods!


  • Up to 25% material wastage
  • Weather-dependent
  • Slow construction times
  • Skilled workforce needed
  • High carbon footprint of materials


Mortarless, Click-Clack Technology


  • Shorter construction time
  • No downtime in the winter times
  • No need for heavy and loud machinery
  • No need for skilled human resources
  • Less waste on the construction site
  • Increased durability


Construction Benefits

Save Time

Build sustainably with rapid assembly - external walls that take one day and can be built in any weather conditions!

Dry-Stack Constuction

Mortar & cement free! Use sustainable shaped elements dedicated to external and internal walls in any type of building.

No Synthetic Insulation

Use energy-efficient and organic building material perlite, of natural volcanic origin.

What's the Process Like?


Apply to receive a passive house quote and consult with our specialist.


Discuss your potential build with a specialist in person, on the phone & online!


Decide in your own time & once you are ready, secure your passive house build!

Completed Projects

Don’t just take our word for it. Speak with passive house builders today!

3E single family house. This house will be not only ecological, but also energy independent – self-sufficient – thanks to 3E and photovoltaic systems.


Paul, York

Building a house by yourself is very satisfying. After a short training by 3E I was able to build my own home with my father! Although it is not heated inside yet, it is already warm. I can sincerely recommend SYSTEM 3E!

David, Kent

Build Sustainably, Build Smarter.

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